1/4 Centeny of Seeing
  1. Largest LED Rooftop Display in Hong Kong

    Our unique media insight led us to identify two adjoining buildings in Wan Chai as the stage for this one-of-a-kind masterpiece spanning MassMutual Tower and Harcourt House. Our pioneering thinking and determination to push boundaries generated enormous revenue and publicity for both the advertiser and the owners of the two buildings.

  2. Largest Neon Sign in Hong Kong

    Located at Rumsey Street Car Park - the biggest Government multi-storey parking facility, this vast neon sign is in full view of central Kowloon's core commercial districts with a breathtaking size of over 1,200m², ensuring it leaves a lasting impression on a worldwide audience. This glamorous display demonstrates our technical expertise and rich experience working with government departments.

  3. Asia’s First 360˚ Revolving Rooftop Neon Sign

    From conceptualising the technical design and locating a building capable of housing a structure of such mechanical complexity, to obtaining government approval and finding an ideal advertiser with whom to share our vision, we overcame numerous challenges to launch this state-of-the-art sign on 26 Nathan Road (previously Oterprise Square). This extraordinary project is the perfect demonstration of our unparalleled media insight and technological advancement.

  4. One and Only Twin Sign System

    POAD formed a perfect equilibrium when we adopted a twin sign system at the South and North Ventilation Buildings on both sides of the Cross Harbour Tunnel. The hybrid display features two neon sign and billboard pairings that face each other across the harbour, guaranteeing optimal visibility and exposure to buildings on both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula.

  1. Striking Exposure at the Heart of Our City

    Situated in a clutter-free environment at the heart of the Central Business District, this giant lightbox offers head-on exposure to traffic on the Connaught Road Central Flyover bound for Central and the Mid-Levels. To unlock the full potential and enormous market value of the site, we chose a vast display format favoured by prestigious brands.

  2. Elegant Appeal with Fresh Perspective

    This eye-catching L-shaped back-lit billboard at St. John’s Building captures the imagination of the affluent audience travelling on Cotton Tree Drive to the Mid-Levels and The Peak. Utilising this prominent location’s clutter-free environment, we opted for an elegantly stylish lightbox format to upgrade the building’s image and profitability.

  3. The First and the Last

    We recognised and seized an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to produce one of the city's most captivating displays of advertising theatre, wrapping the colossal New World Centre – to be redeveloped later in the same year – in an advertisement measuring 8,000m². This ambitious project showcased our talent for discovering high-potential sites due to sharp media vision that few others in the market can match.

  4. Bold Leap beyond Urban Boundaries

    While most market players flock to traditional arenas to reap profits, POAD proactively explores untapped possibilities. Expanding the realm of outdoor advertising beyond the urban edge, we were the first to introduce the only unipole sign along Airport Highway before extending its presence to North Lantau. Located at strategic points along the highway, these displays effectively create attention-grabbing exposure in the vicinity.

  1. Unsurpassed Citywide Network of 6 Tunnels

    POAD is the only company holding the exclusive marketing agent for the advertising sites at the Cross Harbour Tunnel and five other tunnels in Hong Kong. Our dedication to media innovation can be demonstrated by our introduction of the eye-catching 3D and die-cut displays. These pioneering media solutions not only drive significant revenue surges for the tunnels, but also boost their appeal as glamorous transport hubs.

  2. Advertising Stages in the Middle of the Road

    Since 2003, POAD had been the exclusive media contracting agency of Hong Kong Island's tram shelters.
    We transformed bare panels into prestigious advertising spaces with guaranteed incredible exposure right at the beating heart of our city. Driven by our unlimited passion for continuous innovation, we pushed boundaries with creative initiatives to enhance the appeal of the medium, generating a huge amount of publicity whilst maximising profitability.

  3. Moving Impressions

    Possessing more than 22 years of experience in taxi advertising, POAD Taxi leads the market with over 70% dominance. Constantly evolving this dynamic medium, we offer a range of advertising formats, from standard exterior and interior advertisements to captivating 3D taxi tops and special services, such as taxi parades and free rides, which elevate the traditional taxi media to multi-functional presentations.

  4. Event Space at the Gateway of Shopping Paradise

    POAD sets the scene for creating memorable brand experiences at event spaces. Located at ever-popular shopping destinations, these versatile outdoor areas present an ideal opportunity to captivate huge crowds of shoppers and tourists. When utilised in conjunction with nearby outdoor media such as billboards and outdoor TVs, this winning combination communicates a unified message across multiple channels, enabling incredible synergy between conventional media platforms.

1/4 Centeny of Seeing