Our success is built on the impressive longevity of our client relationships. We believe this reflects our dedication to looking out for the needs of every customer and developing new ideas to ensure they accomplish their objectives. POAD's long-term partnership with Canon has seen them utilise our vast array of advertising channels. From the conventional to the innovative, from skyline dominance to street-level impact, they have entrusted us with delivering their advertising messages to Hong Kong.
  • 2003
    During the 2003 SARS outbreak, Canon wished to communicate a statement of hope to a city in turmoil. We proposed they joined forces with us to speak out to everyone via our taxi advertising network, raising the spirits of Hong Kong's population and drawing the brand closer to its audience.
  • 2006
    Canon's powerful presence at 26 Nathan Road was enhanced in 2012 by our vast external wall exposure, situated directly below the extraordinary revolving neon sign that we constructed for them in 2006. Probably the largest of its kind in Hong Kong, the presentation is also immediately opposite the brand's recently relocated service centre at iSQUARE. These two breathtaking advertisements worked in unison to deliver one of the most dramatic advertising collaborations our city has seen.
  • 2009
    In 2007, Canon began a long-standing affiliation with our unmissable billboards at the Hong Kong Island entrance to Cross Harbour Tunnel. Two years later, we convinced them to use all seven signs at the city’s busiest tunnel, allowing Canon to dominate a highly diverse audience ever since. Think Cross Harbour Tunnel, think Canon! With their campaigns at this location typically lasting for the majority of the year, the brand has become synonymous with this site.
  • 2012
    POAD's exclusive Excelsior Plaza Road Show Venue is one of the most unique advertising spaces in Hong Kong, a result of our constant search for sites with exceptional interactive capabilities. With advertising opportunities at a premium over the Valentine’s Day period, we provided Canon with this area to promote their Power Shot S100 camera, enabling the brand to develop a memorable connection with young couples at this magical location.
  • 2012
    Our exclusive tram shelter network represented the one outstanding advertising channel in the POAD portfolio that Canon had not yet fully explored. Eventually our years of persistence and reassurance, as well as the infinite vision of our design team, culminated in a highly successful 2012 campaign.

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TRUST is a fundamental word in the POAD vocabulary.

We take pride in the knowledge that we have been able to secure unforgettable campaigns for our clients because they have faith in our beliefs and our ability to achieve the highest standards. In order to maximise impact, we frequently urge advertisers towards the unexpected, away from more traditional marketing techniques.

MAX&Co. put their trust in us when we suggested they explore our taxi advertising formats to promote their new store at iSQUARE. Proving this medium can deliver success for the most high-end of brands, we generated mass appeal with an attention-grabbing taxi parade.
In fact we tailor-made the whole campaign to include a wider selection of POAD advertising media. Offering directional advertising immediately opposite iSQUARE, we unfurled a striking banner on the Tsim Sha Tsui Holiday Inn and also strategically positioned a back-lit billboard on the St. John's Building to entice high-income Mid-levels residents to the luxury brand's latest outlet. Representing the foundations of our long-lasting relationship, MAX&Co. showcase their latest collection each season at our prestigious Wheelock House tram shelter, right in the heart of Central, Hong Kong's commercial hub.

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As outdoor advertising pioneers, we are able to draw unrivalled attention to any campaign, from major product launches to individual store openings. When Standard Chartered opened a new branch on Wellington Street they placed their trust exclusively in POAD. We duly orchestrated a variety of sites to announce the location of their Central branch, including a mega sticker display at Century Square, a twin-billboard exposure at Silver Fortune Plaza and a dual-faced billboard at Onfem Tower. Each is perfectly situated to offer directional messaging that ensures the branch is an unmissable banking destination. SCB's long-term commitment to this advertising network has confirmed its status as one of the most easily recalled brands in Central.

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