Driven by our propensity for bold innovation, we designed and constructed Asia's first revolving neon sign. This extraordinary project in 2006 set yet another benchmark, cementing POAD's position at the forefront of the outdoor advertising market in Hong Kong.
Advertising domination in every direction is now a reality.


Our first task was to identify an ideal location that would deliver on three key fronts: maximum exposure at a prime location, an uncluttered and spacious environment, and a rooftop capable of supporting the sign's massive weight and huge size. After extensive research and visits to over a dozen potential sites, it became apparent that 26 Nathan Road was the perfect fit.


Our technical team worked tirelessly in the initial design stage to develop a state-of-the-art sign that would be both aesthetically impressive and meet the stringent requirements stipulated by the relevant government departments. We endeavoured to create an end product that could withstand Hong Kong's unpredictable weather conditions, commanding the city's skyline for years to come.


During the 8-month construction period we methodically assembled the sign's components, from laying the foundations and assembling the complex framework to installing the computer control system and rotation mechanism.


Finally, we positioned the sign itself, its neon tubes spelling out Canon, the global imaging-product giant. Our advancement of this technology has enabled this company's logo to rotate over half a million times to date.
This truly is advertising on an epic scale.


Cutting-edge Communication

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the interaction between our clients and their audience, searching for the latest technological advancements in order to achieve this goal.


POAD’s ambition led us to recognise further potential in one of our most high profile sites. Combining two of our existing signage frames atop MassMutual Tower and Harcourt House, we created a magnificent advertising platform – Hong Kong’s largest neon sign – specifically for Samsung.


Not satisfied with mere size, five years later POAD developed the sign into a spectacular LED display. This interactive technology allows Samsung an unrivalled dialogue with its audience, empowering flexible messaging possibilities – such as seasonal greetings – and eye-catching animations to introduce their latest products.


Our LED display allows Samsung to adapt their message to reflect and complement the mood of our town, ensuring the company makes a powerful impression at one of the city’s most prominent and unique advertising sites.


Creative and captivating, Hong Kong's first 3D outdoor projection is sure to enchant our city.*

Our Vision

At POAD, our concepts and projects are constantly inspired by the latest technological advancements, which we implement to meet the needs of our clients.

In recent years we have been continuously exploring cutting-edge outdoor projection technology. We are committed to searching for sites that are suited to hosting this modern marketing tool, adding new dimensions to our local outdoor advertising industry in the process.

Pacesetting Technology

In August 2011 we presented a groundbreaking large-scale outdoor 3D projection on the L-shaped façade of Hang Lung Centre.

POAD introduced this latest 3D technology alongside existing 3D models, audio design and other technical specifications, allowing Samsung an outstanding opportunity to connect with their target audience through the medium of a custom-made animation.


POAD's technical team masterminded a scintillating blend of visual and audio effects, making certain each member of the audience would be held spellbound by a distinctly unique advertising space.

On the night, huge crowds gathered round the mesmerising spectacle, attracting widespread media coverage and ensuring Samsung's GALAXY series entered the marketplace with extraordinary impact.

* First Hong Kong outdoor advertising company to deliver this technology